stainless steel automatic hand dryer Stainless steel hand dryer, fully automatic with satin finish , blends seamlessly with your bathrooms, restrooms and any kind of infrastructure. comes with latest technological innovations for reliable performance and durability.

  • 100% Stainless Steel
    Voltage: 220V ~ /50 Hz Dimensions: 200 X 270 X 240
    Rated Power: 2500 Watt Drying Time: 10 Seconds
    Current: 11.4 A RPM: 12000 r/min
    Water Splash Proof: 1PX1 Noise: Less than 80 dB
    Blowing Volume: 270m3/h Sensing Range: 9 -20cm
    Blowing Rate: 30m/s Hot Temperature: 48° C -59° C
    Continuous Work Time: 60 Seconds Temperature of wind: 45° C - 55° C
  • Coming Soon

Stainless Steel Hand Dryer KH02SS