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Jet Hand Dryer is the all new stunning performer, it is economical and hard-working washroom hand dryer, provides top airspeed consuming less power. Saves time and money and takes care of the the environment – This eco friendly  hand dryer is the best choice for hand drying solution in your office, hotel, restaurant, factory, schools, universities and every  bathrooms.

Advantages of Jet Hand Dryers


Efficiency is the other name for Jet Hand Dryer, the most powerful and efficient hand dryers in the market.

  • Drying time  is less than 15 seconds wen compared to 30-40+ seconds for most of the conventional hand dryers.
  • Saves resources more than 90% compared to paper towels.
  • Rated power usage is 1200w which assures you that operating costs will never be a problem like the conventional hand dryers.
  • Shuts off automatically when user removes hands thus saving electricity every second


  • Touch free operation reduces chance of  users contacting with any surface thus prevents contamination.
  • Collects the excess water removed from your hands, elimination water spillage in the surrounding area.

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  • The noise absorption technology within these hand dryers reduces the noise level below 70db.
  • Highly developed electrical and temperature sensors for hands free automation.

Special Features of Jet Handryers

    • Spreads fragrance in the surrounding air providing a surge of freshness in the surrounding environment.
    • Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) screen for instructions and manuals.
    • Easy clean filters that allows in easy and regular maintenance.
    • Stylish  design with blue LEDs and operating lights. Makes it a beautiful decor piece for any kind of interior.
    • The most reliable eco friendly hand dryer saves energy and costs.
    • Dual air injection provides you fast drying performance, dries your hand within 7-9 seconds.
    • The air injection hand dryer uses brush-less motor,  makes the hand dryer more durable and reliable in performance, guaranteed up to 7-10 years.
    • A built-in tamper-proof timer protects from overuse of the hand dryer unit, by stopping the unit after 20 seconds.
    • No touch hand free hand drying ensures complete hygiene.
    • Optional colors for production, white, silver, black, grey etc.
    • Impact ABS Plastic makes them impact resistant.
    • Chip control technology – advanced electronics and Integrated circuits makes them intelligent machines.
    • Cool/Hot air Shift on the push of a button.
    • With the built-in blue LED light.
    • Overall dimension (H x W x D):  680mm x 270mm x 220mm.
Auto adjust temperature: 35 °C Power and Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
Motor type: Brush-less Heating Power: 1650W (650W for motor, 1000W for heating)
Single operation time ≤20 seconds Fuse: 10A
Wind speed: 95m/s Drying time: 5-7 seconds
Ponding Volume: 0.8L Energy consumption per dry: 0.0037Kwh
Safety features Overheat, high volt and short circuit Air Nozzle Number: 2
Auto Off Temperature: 52 °C Rated operating noise: 75dB
Ingress protection rating: IPX1 Color: White, Bordeaux red, Violet, Silver, BMW Color, or custom.
Operation: Activation by infra-red sensor. Switch: Automatic shut-off after 20 seconds.
Installation: Secured to wall through back-plate with mounting screws provided.