mini jet hand dryers in chennaiClean and Dry hands always is a concern in our society as we constantly interact with our loved ones, we touch them, hug them and hold hands together. What if we don’t have clean hands, it will land us in embarrassment. With advancements in various fields, cleanliness and hygiene has gained importance and even involves a lot of research and development in this area.

Jet Hand Dryers are more recent innovations in hand drying technology, they work on less power and dries hand 5 times faster than the conventional hand dryers. They integrate the most advanced electronics and LCD screens for displaying inbuilt manuals on operating this hand dryer. They feature the most highly developed sensors, motors for fast air flow and design elements. They impart the modern element for any washrooms and interior design.


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Hand Dryers are built with quality components for reliable performance. The outer casing is usually made with high grade steel, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) with epoxy finish. They also come with polished chrome or satin finish and makes them an eye candy within any interior.

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