Hand dryers are modern day innovation in health and hygiene, they are electric devices found in restrooms and public washrooms that are used to dry hands. They operate automatically using infrared sensors or manually by pushing the button.

What are the advantages of hand dryers?

Hand Dryers play a vital role in maintaining the health and hygiene of the user as well as the environment. They not only blow dry your hands but also disinfects your hands from harmful bacterias and pathogens. They also keep the environment clean and eliminates litter due to the use of paper towels.

What are the costs involved in using hand dryer?

Hand dryers cost less both in terms of investment – (that is to buy a new hand dryer) as well as to maintain it. They in fact cut the cost by 90% when compared to paper towels.

How do hand dryers save environment?

Hand Dryers protect the environment, to be specific hand dryers prevent deforestation. Yep you got it, making paper towels involves trees being cut down and chemical processing of the pulp, before it becomes the end product. Even after that, using paper towels result in collection of garbage, so we simply cut trees down and turn them into pile of garbage. So hand dryers provide an economical solution for hand drying without trees being cut down. Its a life saver, isn’t it?. Some claim that heat generated by Hand Dryers are the reason for global warming, which is completely a false notion.

Hand Dryer or Paper Towel, which is the best?

You might have already figured it out. Hand Dryers are the best – Why?. Hand dryers runs on low cost. We will consider some real facts using Hand Dryer and Paper Towels.

Paper Towels as everyone know will cost thousands of dollars every year, even for an average sized office or restaurant.


  • Use of Paper towels results in excess of 100 kilograms of garbage every month in an office of around 2000 workers.
  • Using paper towel in an average restaurant results in 9 trees being cut down resulting in 500 kilograms of landfill waste ever year.

Hand dryers runs at the cost of around rupees 1000 per year. No cutting down of trees, no landfill waste, no garbage. Hassle free and almost maintenance free.