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Hand Dryer Chennai

Hand Dryers are modern day innovation by humans to keep this world healthy. Hand dryers are electric devices found nowadays in most of the washrooms and restrooms, used to dry hands. Hand dryers are either automatic or manual that is operated by humans. In fact Hand dryers play a vital role in saving our mother nature. Hand dryers are energy efficient and eliminates the use of paper towels and litter.

Hand Dryers cuts the cost by 99% in energy resources. They also require less maintenance when compared to using paper towels. Hand dryers dry hand with warm hot air that reduces the development of bacteria and other pathogens by 77% . Hence Hand dryers play a major role in saving the ecosystem as well as the health of humanity, certainly a wonderful invention.

Stainless Steel hand dryers chennai

Stainless steel hand dryers come with two types of finish –

  • Polished Chrome finish
  • Satin finish

Kallerians hand dryers are made out of high grade steel for long lasting looks and performance.

ABS hand dryers chennai

Hand dryers exterior casing is made out of lightweight ABS, which is highly impact resistant and can be customized with specific colors. Medium range hand dryers for excellent performance and energy saving.

Aluminium hand dryers chennai

Aluminium hand dryers with exterior casing made from high quality aluminum with metallic finish, integrated with all the advancements in electronics for hassle free performance and durability.

Jet hand dryers chennai

Jet hand dryers are the latest innovation in hand drying technology, with special features for enhancing the ambience of the environment and for conserving energy.

Hand dryers vs Paper Towels

Facts about paper towels

1. An average restaurant using paper towel results in 9 full grown trees being cut down and more than 1000 pounds of landfill waste being created every year. And above all each ton of wood pulp treated takes 20,000 gallons of water in chemical cleansing.

2. Hand Dryers runs on an estimated cost of $15 per year while paper towels may cost around $2300 per year.

Hand dryers suppliers

Kallerians is the leading suppliers and dealers in all kinds of hand dryers in chennai, India, For hand dryers price or quotation pls call us.

Hand Dryers Chennai