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Kallerians is the leading hand dryer manufacturer and supplier in Chennai, India. Hand dryers are widely used in many hotels, restrooms and within any infrastructure and they are slowly replacing paper towel dispensers. Advantage of using electric hand dryers is they produce little or no waste, which makes them eco friendly. Another great reason in using hand dryers is the fact that they use few resources, when compared to towel dispensers which uses paper, which in turn results in deforestation and eventually leading to deterioration of our environment.

Automatic hand dryers have replaced the conventional hand dryers with latest technology, modern design, use of less power and unbeatable performance. Latest electrical hand dryers integrate advanced electronics, infrared sensors, powerful motors so they sense when some one places the hand and dries them fast.

Kallerians is the leading supplier, importer and dealers of all kinds of hand dryers like automatic hand dryer, electrical hand dryer, latest and stylish hand dryers, jet hand dryers, mini jet hand dryers.

Automatic Hand Dryers Chennai